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How to be fulfilled?

The secret is consciously shifting your mindset in life. Your perspective in life and/or a situation will drastically impact how you experience life and/or a situation.

I have always been an achiever. It was always about achieving as much as I can in the shortest amount of time. Life is a race, a race to get a step ahead in your career before everyone else, starting a family early, aiming to be a young mom before 30. From an outsider's perspective, a lot has been achieved before I am even 30. I am now 28 turning 29 soon, and for the past three years my plate always felt overflowing. I have just so much, but at the same time it felt like I really had nothing at all. Or in other words, doing both but also not succeeding in either - being a mother and a professional.

It feels like life is just going at such a fast speed, I was non-stop busy. Sometimes it felt like I was just a body moving from doing one task to another. But at the same time my to do list never gets smaller.

I reminded that life is a choice, we get to choose how we live our life. And although it feels like there are no options, there are. How we see the world is how we experience the world.

I started a personal journey of understanding how come I had everything that I thought I wanted and achieved it but yet felt so empty, so unprogressive, and yet so tired. Life was about juggling, doing so many things at the same time. It was stressful. I wanted more, I wanted so much more but by the end of each day my energy was already sucked dry to even have the motivation to look into what it is that I wanted more of.

God has told me this: she who lives a purposeful life from the eyes of God will thrive and have a fulfilling life.

The answer to that was simple, it was shifting my perspective to live in the same situation but to experience it completely differently. It starts with waking up every day, with every effort in showing up as the best you. That best you, is also the most authentic you. Use a structure to remind you of what the most authentic you feels like. When you show up as that person in your everyday situations, you will literally feel like there is no task too big!

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